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A 6-year-old evil genius lab girl who loves eigengrau, reading, writing, parkour, free running, le méthode naturelle, comics, video games, sports, martial arts, Hearthstone, NFS, DC Infinite Crisis, The Sims, Injustice, Splinter Cell, Star Wars, SWTOR…She writes short stories. (7th) Member of ‘Den Sjö’ and Loskov Rodzinny Fyrirtæki member. (She is the youngest of all, not including the newborn twins Elsa and Alexa, and the newborn Natalie and Mèrida).


Live action video game

Have you ever imagined a game where instead of virtual characters you could use your favourite actor or actress?

That happened to me once. I was in Monterrey, Mexico chatting with my family when I came up with the question above, they say it was a good idea, but how, almost all the genres would make the game making hard and expensive, except one “fighting.”
This genre to us, is one of the less difficult to make (with real life actors and actresses). These games are the combination of pre made movements that can be turned into combos, and some specials. If you analyse games such as King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Smash Bross, UFC, Tekken, Soul, Dead o Alive, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja….among others (the list is extensive) you will see common elements (some mentioned before) attacks, ducks, blocks, specials, combos, K.O.s…
I told my family, what if we take four actors and four actresses: Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Chuck Norris, Gina Carano…(I can’t remember the other three actresses, we mentioned that day) and film them performing the movements that appear in a fighting game, not motion capture, but like in a movie or TV series, then add the special effects, the VFX (visual effects), the sound effects and the soundtrack, and put it together with the controls.
I know this may sound crazy, but is an idea I came up when eating.
If you are a game developer or a movie producer and you want to make our idea something we all can enjoy, go ahead, just don’t forget who original was it. And if you came with a similar idea before, tell me (with evidences) so I can add your name here, and people can see who had this crazy idea.

By Kimberly

(previously published on: Jul 20, 2014 @ 20:16)