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Den Sjö

Hi, this is our first post, we hope you like it.

We usually spend out time reading and learning, sometimes we play video games, and rarely we watch tv, movies, cartons, and webseries. We like to practice sports, specially martial arts.

Since this is our first post, we wanted to tell you what we like,  to know few about us.

So each of us is writing part of this post, we are seven girls, that’s why we chose ‘Den Sjö’ as name.

As one of us wrote before we like to play video games. The ones we play may seem not appropriate to our age, most of us like fighting, racing, MOBA, MMO, RPG, and other genres not “suitable” for kids our age.

But we have learnt to differentiate reality from fiction and fantasy. Although we know some of the technology present in the works of fictional worlds make become true when in our world we reach an advancement.

We really hope you like what we do, and enjoy our small, but significant stories we may publish here.

Welcome to our site.