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A 6-year-old evil genius lab girl who loves eigengrau, reading, writing, parkour, free running, le méthode naturelle, comics, video games, sports, martial arts, Hearthstone, NFS, DC Infinite Crisis, The Sims, Injustice, Splinter Cell, Star Wars, SWTOR…She writes short stories. (7th) Member of ‘Den Sjö’ and Loskov Rodzinny Fyrirtæki member. (She is the youngest of all, not including the newborn twins Elsa and Alexa, and the newborn Natalie and Mèrida).



(^_^)/ こんにちは、 私は 弓です、6歳の悪の天才ラボの女の子 誰が読むと書くのが大好き。私はジャガイモ、音楽、アニメ、漫画、ビデオゲーム、スポーツ、武道が好きです...Eigengrau は私の好きな色です。私は短編小説を書く。私は Loskov Rodzinny Fyrirtæki のメンバーです。私はミュートです。 Hello, I'm Yumi, a 6-year-old lab girl who loves reading and writing; I like potatoes, music, anime, comics, video games, sports, martial arts.... Eigengrau is my favourite colour. I write short stories. Loskov Rodzinny Fyrirtæki member. I am mute.